After hosting in 2014, with remarkable sucess, the first U21 WEVZA Beach Volleyball Tournament, the pleasent Praia da Ribeira, at Albufeira do Azibo, in Macedo de Cavaleiros, welcomes this weekend the U19 and U21 events, that will simultaneous take place in the stadium and in the surrounding courts set up at one of the Portuguese seven wonders, which is also a reference at the national beach volleyball, with the national championships to be held as in this venue (14-16 August).

With a captive spot in the national calendar, Macedo de Cavaleiros, is now going for the international events. First with the WEVZA U19 and U21 tournaments and afterwards, from the 26th to the 30th August, with the CEV U22 European Championships.

Meanwhile the athletes themselves seem to be already captivated by the natural beauty of Albufeira do Azibo.

Winners of the 2014 edition of the U21 WEVZA tournament, the Spanish team Aida Etxebarria / Neral Izaguirre don’t have any doubts: “We are very pleased to come back to Macedo de Cavaleiros The people are very nice and bring us good memories, not only for the victory that we achieved last year, but also since we like to play in such a beautiful venue.”

And regarding the defense of the title?
“We are expecting to face more difficulties, since this tournament as more teams and participating countries also, but we are confident in our team and in obtaining a good result”.

Vice-champions in 2014, Vanessa Paquete will try once again to win the title, this time teaming up with Gabriela Coelho, athlete with already some international experience in the U18 and U19 events.